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Kurakon’s brand for vegetarians and vegans—foods that are both delicious and easy to use

“Good for Vegans” is a Kurakon original brand aimed at a wide range of consumers, from those striving to eat more healthily to those adopting a vegetarian or vegan diet. Our products are completely free of animal-derived ingredients, including not only meat and fish but also eggs, milk and honey.

Among the nutritious ingredients in Good for Vegans products are seaweed, which is rich in minerals necessary for a healthy body, and beans, which are the leading source of vegetable protein. The convenience of the range matches contemporary eating styles, making it easy to have a vegan diet daily.
Mineral Protein A convenient way to eat healthily Insistence on flavorful ingredients
We are also insistent on delicious taste and high quality. Not only do we not use animal-derived foods, but we also select only the finest ingredients to create delectable items that are certain to satisfy diverse taste buds. Good for Vegans offers a range of products that will definitely satisfy consumers in terms of both quality and taste.


  1. Ingredients to Meet the Vegan Diet Standard

    We ensure that our products meet the standard of a vegan diet, which has been described as “the complete vegetarian diet.” This means they are free not only from animal-based ingredients, such as meat and fish, but also from all ingredients derived from animals, namely eggs, milk, and honey.
    Meat Fish Egg Dairy Honey

  2. Modeled on the Ingredient Standards of Natural Foods Supermarkets Popular in the United States
  3. For Healthier Eating

    We have incorporated elements that will delight people who are trying to eat more healthily.

    • All ingredients are tested for radiation
    • Products are made in factories in Japan

    *The following are examples and may not apply to all products.

    • Gluten Free
    • Cholesterol Free
    • Contain nutritious ingredients such as superfood and soy meat
    • Ingredients are from selected growing regions
  4. Convenience to Suit Your Eating Style

    Considering the wide range of our products, you are sure to find those that suit your eating style.

    Easy-to-make items that can be prepared with other readily available ingredients Pre-cooked foods that only need to be heated Ingredients (soy meat) that need no preparation
  5. Insistence on Delicious Taste

    To ensure a satisfying meal even with limited ingredients, we bring out their inherent goodness, creating items that are as tasty as animal-derived foods.

Seaweed and beans play a huge role in vegetarian diets.



Japanese people have been eating a lots of seaweed for many years, but seaweed has become popular food among other countries for its health benefits. Its rich in Minerals, Dietary fiber like Alginic Acid and Fucoidan, and also contains nutrition that can't be taken from vegetables, which makes seaweed a crutial food for Vegetarians. Furthermore, they are low in calories so its good for healthy diet meals.

Main nutrients

Kombu; dietary fiber, calcium, Potassium, iron
Hijiki; Iron, dietary fiber, calcium, magnesium, potassium



Beans were eaten in Japan for long time as a important protein source. they are also the key protein source for vegetarians since they do not consume meat or fish. protein are made of 20 types of amino acid that are essential for our healthy body.

Main nutrients

Soy; vegetable protein, calcium, dietary fiber, isoflavones
Chick pea; vegetable protein, vitamin E, Folic acid
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